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Relevant for: GUI testing and API testing

Welcome to Unified Functional Testing (UFT), a comprehensive solution for functional test and regression test automation, combined with functional testing for headless systems.

To improve the customer experience and provide more optimized online search, the UFT help center now covers UFT versions 14.50 and 14.51. Any version specific changes are indicated where relevant.

GUI testing

Use UFT's keyword-driven testing method to create GUI test steps early and maintain them with only minor updates.

Use actions, steps, test objects, checkpoints, function libraries, and parameters to create your test.

Then, run the test and view the test results, including details about each step and checkpoint used.

For more details, see GUI test design.

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API testing

UFT's API (service) testing solution provides tools for the construction and execution of functional tests for headless (GUI-less) systems or the back-end of applications with a GUI.

Create API tests using standard, service, or custom activities, as well as checkpoints, parameters, and custom code.

For more details, see API test design.

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Integrated testing

UFT enables you to integrate GUI and API tests in a single test run. For details, see Running API Tests with GUI Tests.

Additionally, UFT integrates with numerous other testing tools:

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Integration with CI systems

Run UFT tests as part of your continuous integration processes.

For details, see:

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Cloud testing

Leverage cloud environments when testing with UFT.

For details, see:

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