Configure object identification for a test object class

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

Set properties for identifying an object

  1. Select Tools > Object Identification.

  2. In the Object Identification Dialog Box, set the properties that are learned for the test object description:

    1. Select the environment.
    2. Select the test object class.
    3. Set mandatory and assistive properties. Click Add/Remove under the mandatory or assistive property lists and select the necessary properties from the Add/Remove Properties Dialog Box.

    4. Select an ordinal identifier.

Set properties for Smart Identification

  1. In the Object Identification Dialog Box, select the environment and test object class for which you want to configure Smart Identification.

  2. Select the Enable Smart ID check box. The Configure button is enabled.

  3. Click the Configure button to open the Smart description properties Dialog Box.

  4. In the Smart description properties dialog box, set the base and optional properties.

  5. Set the order in which the optional properties are used.

  6. If you do not want UFT to learn the Smart description properties, clear the Enable Smart Identification check box. The configuration is saved, but not used.