Test Batch Runner Window

Relevant for: GUI tests and API tests

The Test Batch Runner enables you to create and maintain test batch files and add tests to a test batch file.

To access

Select one of the following:

  • Start > All Programs > Micro Focus > Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing > Tools > Test Batch Runner

  • <UFT installation folder/bin/UFTBatchRunner.exe

Note: For details on accessing UFT and UFT tools and files in Windows 8.X or higher and Windows Server 2012, see Accessing UFT in Windows 8.X or Higher Operating Systems.

Important information
  • You can use Test Batch Runner without having UFT open.

  • Test Batch Runner cannot include tests created in QuickTest 9.2 or earlier or Service Test 10.00 or earlier.

  • If you are using a concurrent license, select Tests > Close UFT after Test Run to close UFT and release the license when the test run is complete.
  • The panes within this window can be moved or pinned. Click on a pane and drag it to move it to your desired location, or right-click on the title of the pane to change the options for its display.

Relevant tasks

Create and run a test batch