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Parameter indications

Relevant for: GUI actions and scripted GUI components

You can use UFT to enhance your tests by parameterizing values. A parameter is a variable that is assigned a value from an external data source or generator.

When you create a parameter in the Keyword View, UFT creates a corresponding line in VBScript in the Editor.

For example, if you define the value of a method argument as a Data pane parameter, UFT retrieves the value from the Data pane using the following syntax:

Object_Hierarchy.Method DataTable (parameterID, sheetID)




The hierarchical definition of the test object, consisting of one or more objects separated by a dot.


The name of the method that UFT executes on the parameterized object.


The reserved object representing the data table.


The name of the column in the data table from which to take the value.


The name of the sheet in which the value is stored. If the parameter is a global parameter, dtGlobalSheet is the sheet ID.

Example: Suppose you are creating a test for the Mercury Tours site, and you select San Francisco as your destination. The following statement would be inserted into an action in your test in the Editor:

Browser("Welcome: Mercury").Page("Find a Flight:").WebList("toPort").Select "San Francisco"

Now suppose you parameterize the destination value, and you create a Destination column in the Data pane. The previous statement would be modified to the following:

Browser("Welcome: Mercury").Page("Find a Flight:").WebList("toPort").Select DataTable("Destination",dtGlobalSheet) 

In this example, Select is the method name, DataTable is the object that represents the data table, Destination is the Data pane parameter (column name), and dtGlobalSheet indicates the Global sheet in the Data pane.

For more details on using and defining parameter values, see Parameterizing Object Values.