Document Management

Relevant for: GUI tests and components and API testing

A testing document is any file that enables you to test your application. You create, maintain, and edit steps, parameters, functions, and other details in the document to enable the testing of your application.

Testing documents can include:

GUI testing documents
  • GUI tests

  • GUI actions

  • Function libraries

API testing documents
  • API tests

  • API actions

  • C# files containing event handler code (TestUserCode.cs files)

  • C# files containing user-generated code

BPT documents
  • Business process tests

  • Business process flows

  • Business components, including API, keyword GUI, and scripted GUI components

  • Application areas

UFT documents


Solutions contain tests, components, application areas, and function libraries in a single solution. You can create and add new documents to a solution (File > Add > New Test/Business Component/Application Area/Function Library) or already created documents (File > Add > Existing Test/Business Component/Application Area/Function Library)

Work with testing documents in the Document Pane, which supports the following types of views and functionality:

Canvas Graphically displays and enables you to edit the flow of your test, action, or component.
Keyword View Enables you to create and view the steps of your action or component in a keyword-driven, modular, table format.
Editor Provides text and code editing features that facilitate the design of your text, script, and code documents.
Application Area

Displays and enables you to edit the application area settings and resource associations.


Displays and enables you to create and edit business process tests and flows that are stored in ALM.

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