Add-in extensibility

UFT add-in extensibility enables you to extend the relevant UFT add-in to support third-party and custom controls that are not supported out-of-the-box.

Specify a test object class and required behavior

UFT recognizes application objects as belonging to a specific test object class. The test object class recognized by UFT may or may not have the characteristics that you need to test, and therefore the methods and properties available may not be sufficient.

In such cases, use UFT extensibility to specify the test object class and required behavior.

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Teach UFT to recognize objects with sub-objects

Additionally, use UFT extensibility to teach UFT to treat objects with sub-objects as a single functional object, instead of recognizing each sub-object separately.

Example: A calendar object may consist of buttons and text boxes.

Teach UFT to recognize all of these as a single calendar object, enabling you to create more meaningful tests on the calendar.

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Extend the list of available classes

In most environments, you can also extend the list of available test object classes that UFT is able to recognize. This enables you to create tests that fully support the specific behavior of your controls.

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Supported environments and Testing Extensibility

UFT add-in extensibility is currently available for the following add-ins:

If you need additional extensibility features, you may be able to use Testing Extensibility for UFT. Participation in this program requires a separate license agreement with Micro Focus. For more details, contact Micro Focus Software support.

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