Known Issues - .NET Windows Forms

Test objects

  • Grid controls in the Card View mode are not supported.

  • Changing the format of a DateTimePicker control during a test run or between record and run sessions (for example, from "Long Date" to "Time") will cause the test run to fail.

  • Combo box objects of style Simple ComboBox are not supported.

  • Since the technology support MSAA (Microsoft Office) applications is operating system sensitive, UFT test objects on the Windows 10 anniversary operating system may be different from other Windows operating systems.

DevExpress controls

When working with DevExpress RibbonControl, NavBarControl, and XtraTreeList objects UFT identifies object properties as null. Therefore, both spying and adding checkpoints on DevExpress controls may cause your test to run unexpectedly.

Relevant method and properties include:

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Test object methods

If you call the Back method for a Microsoft DataGrid control on a table that does not have a parent row, no operation is performed when the statement runs, and no error message is displayed.

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  • Navigating in grid controls using keyboard keys (for example, to select cells, rows, and so on) may not be recorded correctly.

    Workaround: Use the mouse to navigate in the grid control.

  • If a window in the tested application has an opacity property value not equal to 100% (that is, the form is completely or partially transparent), the Active Screen captures the image displayed below the form, and not the transparent window.

  • Operations on a grid cell that was selected before you started recording on the grid control may be recorded incorrectly. For example, a child cell element operation may be recorded instead of the parent grid operation (for example, SetCellData).

    Workaround: Before performing operations on a cell that is already selected, begin recording, move the focus to another cell, select the required cell, and then perform the required operation.

When recording steps using low-level recording, default description properties for WinObject and Window objects do not have constant values. This may lead to different description property values during a run session, which causes steps on these objects to fail.


  • Window test objects. Before recording, remove the regexpwndclass property from the list of mandatory, assistive, and Smart description properties using the Object identification dialog box.

  • WinObject test objects. Do the following:

    • Before recording, remove the window id property from the list of mandatory, assistive, and Smart description properties using the Object identification dialog box.

    • After recording, change the regexpwndclass property value to a regular expression for each WinObject test object in the object repository, and edit the property value to remove everything except for the control type,

      For example, change WindowsForms10.BUTTON.app3 to .*BUTTON.*

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.NET Windows Forms table checkpoints and output value steps can be created only for objects that UFT recognizes as SwfTable objects. UFT does not treat SwfPropertyGrid test objects as table objects.

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