AI-based testing: Supported control types

GUIUFT Mobile and Web tests only

This topic lists the control types that UFT can recognize using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Note: In UFT 15.0, AI-based testing is supported for mobile testing only.

In UFT 15.0.1, desktop web support is added as a technical preview.

Supported control types

Below is the list of control types that UFT can identify using AI. In parentheses, you can find alternative names or aliases that refer to the same controls.

These are the keywords you can use for a control's type or class, when describing a control for a test step:

bell (alarm, notification) hamburger_menu (menu) right_arrow (arrow)
button help right_triangle (next, forward, play)
camera home search
categories info share
chat input (field) shopping_bag (bag)
check_box left_arrow shopping_cart (cart)
close (clear) left_triangle text

combo box

*UFT 15.0.1 and later

location text_box (textbox)
dot_menu (menu) mail toggle_button (toggle)
down_triangle (collapse, down) pencil tool_settings (settings)
eq_settings (settings) phone (call) trash (delete)
facebook plus twitter
favorites (rating, star) profile up_triangle (up, triangle)
gear_settings (settings) radio_button view

Note: An underscore can be replaced with a space.

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Control types that can be identified by text

Controls of the following types can be more specifically identified by their text: 

  • button
  • check box
  • combo box (UFT 15.0.1 or later)
  • input
  • radio button
  • text box
  • toggle button

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