Additional Installation Requirements Utility

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

Several prerequisites for working with UFT must be installed and configured after UFT is installed. In addition, to take advantage of UFT debugging and remote access features, certain Internet Explorer and DCOM settings need to be configured.

The Additional Installation Requirements screen displays any prerequisite software that must be installed or configured to work with UFT, according to the options selected when UFT is installed or the installation is modified.

The Additional Installation Requirements utility enables you to configure the required settings automatically, and to run the License Installation Wizard and Microsoft Debugger installation during the UFT installation.

  • Select an option name in the Additional Installation Requirements dialog box to display a description of the feature.

  • Select the check box of one or more required options and click Run.

You can run the Additional Installation Requirements utility at any time by choosing Start > All Programs > Micro FocusMicro Focus Unified Functional Testing > Tools > Additional Installation Requirements or the <UFT installation folder>/bin/UFTInstallReqs.exe program. In addition to the options to configure Internet Explorer and DCOM settings, and to run the License Wizard, the dialog box displays any prerequisite software that is still required to be installed to work with UFT.

Note: For details on accessing UFT and UFT tools and files in Windows 8.X or higher and Windows Server 2012, see Accessing UFT in Windows 8.X or Higher Operating Systems.