Known issues with UFT licensing

Relevant for: GUI testing and API testing

The following known issues exist when working with Functional Testing licenses:

UFT and UFT Developer concurrent installations

If you installed UFT Developer from the UFT setup program, and you are using a seat license for UFT, UFT Developer uses the same license.

In such cases, you cannot run both UFT and UFT Developer at the same time.

Modifying the computer date

If you install a time-limited seat license, do not modify the date on your computer.

Doing so will block your active seat license and prevent future seat license installations on that computer.

For questions about this issue, contact your UFT license supplier.


The License Server does not support the use of Network Address Translation (NAT).

Demo licenses

Demo licenses are not included in concurrent licenses, which require an active connection to the AutoPass License Server and a license key installed.

Changing types

You must have administrator permissions to change the license type from seat to concurrent or vice versa.

Connecting for the first time

(UFT 15.0 only) 

When connecting to an AutoPass License Server machine for the first time in a UFT session, you may see an error message even if the server is available.

If you see this error message, try connecting again. Once successful, this error will not reoccur in the current UFT session.

AutoPass 10 or later: To prevent the error from happening the next time you open UFT and try to connect to the license server, consult the AutoPass documentation by downloading this article: TLS1.2_Configuration_For_UFT.docx.

"No license" notification in license wizard

(UFT 15.0 only) 

When working with Autopass 10.9, if you reopen the license wizard after successfully installing a concurrent license, you may see a No license notification in the wizard.

You can ignore this warning, UFT will use the concurrent license that you installed successfully.

If you did not find a solution to your issue here, try checking license-related posts on the UFT Community Discussions forum.

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