Canvas User Interface (GUI Testing)

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

The canvas provides a visual representation of the actions in the test flow.

To access
  1. Create or open a GUI test.
  2. Click the test tab.

    If the canvas tab does not open by default, double-click the test name in the Solution Explorer and select View > Reset Window Layout.

Important information

Working with the canvas closed can improve UFT's performance when creating or opening a GUI test.

Drag actions to reorder them.

Right-click an element in the canvas to access settings, or to run or debug a test from a specific action.

See also

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User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element


<Zoom slider>

Enables you to zoom in or out of the test flow.

<Return to default size button>. Restores the test flow to the default size and moves the zoom slider position to the center.

Show parameters

Enables you to select the types of parameter information shown in the test flow.

<Minimap display button>. Located above the test flow on the right. Displays or hides the test flow minimap in the lower left corner of the canvas. Click to show or hide the minimap.

The minimap display button is highlighted in grey when the minimap is displayed, and is not highlighted when the minimap is hidden.

<test flow>

Displays the actions in the test in a flow chart format, as well as any parameter details available, as specified in the Parameter presentation drop-down list.

For details, see Canvas User Interface (GUI Testing) and Canvas User Interface (GUI Testing).


A small, high-level view of the entire test flow, useful when using large flows and/or small screens.

Note: When you zoom out of the canvas, the test flow in the minimap becomes smaller because the minimap displays the entire test flow.

Action type icons

A call to a reusable or non-reusable action.

A call to an API test or action.