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Running tests from ALM

Relevant for: GUI tests, API tests, and business process tests

Supported ALM storage locations

If UFT is connected to ALM, you can run tests that are stored in an ALM database via:

  • UFT

  • ALM client that is installed on your computer

  • A remote ALM client

Note: To run tests from ALM when the UFT computer is logged off or locked, configure UFT for remote connections. For details, see Run a test using UFT installed on a remote computer.

You must give UFT permission to be called from other tools, such as ALM. In the UFT Options Test Runs pane (Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Test Runs), select Allow other Micro Focus products to run tests and components.

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ALM and the UFT Remote Agent

When you run a test or business process test from ALM, the UFT Remote Agent opens on the UFT computer where the test runs.

The settings in the UFT Remote Agent determines how UFT behaves when a test is run by a remote application such as ALM.

By default, UFT opens and runs in hidden mode when ALM activates it to run a test in a test set. This helps to improve performance.

While UFT is running in hidden mode, you can open UFT to view the steps being run in the Editor by clicking the button in the status bar. If you do not want UFT to run in hidden mode, you can change this setting in the Remote Agent.

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