Desktop Object


An object that enables you to access top-level items on your desktop.


The Desktop object is a UFT reserved object. Reserved objects are not learned or stored in the object repository. Reserved objects enable you to retrieve or control UFT settings or to modify UFT behavior during a run session.  Most UFT reserved objects are described in the Utility section of the Object Model Reference.


The sections below list the built-in methods and properties that you can use as operations for the Desktop object.


Common Method CaptureBitmap Saves a screen capture of the object as a .png or .bmp image using the specified file name.
Common Method ChildObjects Returns the collection of child objects contained within the object.
Common Method GetAllROProperties

Returns the collection of properties and current values from the object in the application.

Method RunAnalog Runs the specified analog track.

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RunAnalog Method


Runs the specified analog track.


object.RunAnalog ActionId, [Speed]


Parameter Description
ActionId Required. A String value.
The name of the track that is called by the method. The track contains all the analog steps recorded and is stored in an external data file. One external data file is created per action and the file contains all the tracks recorded for that action.

Note: You must use a valid and existing track as the method argument.
Speed Optional. An integer value.
Specifies the test run speed for the analog track.

Possible values:
0-Default. Fast. Runs all recorded actions as quickly as possible.
1-Normal. Runs using the recorded speed.
Default value = 0

Return Type



Analog recording mode records exact mouse and keyboard operations. The track of the operations recorded are stored in an external data file. For more information on analog recording, see the Unified Functional Testing User Guide.


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