Creating tests or components

Relevant for: GUI tests and components

Can I use UFT One on virtual machine or a virtualized environment.

Yes. Check the UFT One Product Availability Matrix for the list of supported environment.

How can I record on objects or environments not supported by UFT One?

  • Install and load any of the add-ins that are available for UFT One

  • Map objects of an unidentified or custom class to standard Windows classes. For details on object mapping, see Test object mapping for unidentified or custom classes.

  • Use Insight recording mode, possibly combined with recorded Text test objects.

  • Use UI Automation recording mode (for Windows-based technologies that have implemented the UI Automation interfaces).

  • Use add-in extensibility to extend UFT One built-in support for various objects.

  • Define virtual objects for objects that behave like test objects, and then record in the normal recording mode. For details on defining virtual objects, see Virtual Objects.

  • You can record your clicks and keyboard input based on coordinates in the low-level or analog recording modes.

  • Use Artificial Intelligence-based testing. For details, see AI-based testing in UFT One.

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How can I launch an application from a test or component?

  • Configure the Record and Run Settings for your technology to automatically open an application

  • In a GUI test or scripted GUI component, add a SystemUtil step, such as:

    SystemUtil.Run "D:\My Music\Breathe.mp3","","D:\My Music\Details","open" 
  • In a keyword GUI component, select Operation from the Item column, select OpenApp from the Operation column, and then enter the full path in the Value column, for example:

    %ProgramFiles%\Micro Focus\Unified Functional Testing\samples\flight\app\flight4a.exe

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How does UFT One capture user processes in Web pages?

UFT One hooks into your selected browser. As the user navigates the Web-based application, UFT One records the user operations. (For details on modifying which user operations are recorded, see the section on configuring Web event recording in the Unified Functional Testing Add-ins Guide.) UFT One can then run the test or component by running the steps as they originally occurred.

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