AI-based Testing

UFT One AI-based testing support:

UFT One version Mobile apps Desktop web
15.0 Supported Not supported
15.0.1 Supported Technical preview
15.0.2 Supported Supported


The objects, methods, and properties described in this section can be used when testing objects using UFT One's Artificial-Intelligence (AI) capabilities.

AI-based testing is supported in UFT One only when the UFT One AI Features are installed and AI is enabled in the UFT One options. For details, see the UFT One Help Center.

Supported Test Objects

Object Description
AIUtil A utility object for AI-based testing. This object is used to access all other objects in this table.

An internal object used to perform operations on an object recognized using AI.


An internal object used to perform operations on text identified by AI in the application.


An object containing the settings for the current test run.