ASPAjax Environment


The objects, methods, and properties described in this section can be used when testing ASP.NET AJAX objects.


  • ASP.NET AJAX objects are supported in UFT One only when the UFT One Web Add-in and ASP.NET AJAX sub-add-in are installed and loaded.
  • ASP.NET AJAX test objects extend test objects from the UFT One Web Add-in and inherit many of their operations and description properties from those objects.

Supported Test Objects

Test Object Description
ASPAjaxAccordion An accordion control that contains expandable panels and enables you to expand only one panel at a time (if any).
ASPAjaxAlwaysVisibleControl A container control that causes the control it contains to remain fixed and visible on the page even when the page is scrolled or resized.
ASPAjaxAutoComplete A control that enables auto-complete suggestions in a text box.
ASPAjaxCalendar A calendar control.
ASPAjaxCollapsiblePanel A panel that can be expanded or collapsed.
ASPAjaxComboBox A combo box control.
ASPAjaxConfirmButton A confirmation button, which displays a message when clicked.
ASPAjaxDragPanel A panel that can be dragged around the Web page.
ASPAjaxDropDown A drop-down list.
ASPAjaxHoverMenu A pop up menu that is opened when you hover over the control to which it is associated.
ASPAjaxListSearch A control that enables searching for items in a regular or drop-down list by typing.
ASPAjaxMultiHandleSlider A slider with one or more handles.
ASPAjaxNumericUpDown A spin control with Up and Down buttons, which is used to increase and decrease values in an edit box.
ASPAjaxPagingIndex A single index link in a PagingBulletedList control.
ASPAjaxRating A Rating control that enables the user to select a rating level from a predefined range.
ASPAjaxReorderList A bulleted list that can be re-ordered by dragging items in the list.
ASPAjaxResizableControl A resizable container control used to resize the Web controls that it contains.
ASPAjaxRichTextArea A text area that allows complex editing, styling, and formatting.
ASPAjaxSlider A slider control.
ASPAjaxTabs A tab strip.
ASPAjaxToggleButton A check box control that can use custom images to show its state.