Delphi Environment


The objects, methods, and properties described in this section can be used when testing Delphi objects.

Supported Test Objects

Test Object Description
DelphiButton A Delphi button.
DelphiCheckBox A Delphi check box.
DelphiComboBox A Delphi combo box.
DelphiEdit A Delphi edit box.
DelphiEditor A Delphi multi-line editor.
DelphiList A Delphi list.
DelphiListView A Delphi list-view control.
DelphiNavigator A Delphi navigator control.
DelphiObject A Delphi object.
DelphiRadioButton A Delphi radio button.
DelphiScrollBar A Delphi scroll bar.
DelphiSpin A Delphi spin box.
DelphiStatic A Delphi static control.
DelphiStatusBar A Delphi status bar.
DelphiTable A Delphi table.
DelphiTabStrip A Delphi tab strip.
DelphiTreeView A Delphi tree-view control.
DelphiWindow A Delphi window or dialog box.