Flex Environment


The objects, methods, and properties described in this section can be used when testing Flex objects.

Note: Flex objects are supported in Unified Functional Testing only when the Unified Functional Testing Flex Add-in is installed and loaded.

Supported Test Objects

Test Object Description
FlexButton A Flex button control.
FlexCalendar A Flex calendar control.
FlexCheckBox A Flex check box control.
FlexComboBox A Flex combo box control.
FlexDialog A Flex dialog box control.
FlexDropDownButton A Flex drop down button control.
FlexEdit A Flex edit box control.
FlexList A Flex list control.
FlexMenu A Flex menu control.
FlexObject A Flex object control.
FlexProgressBar A Flex progress bar control.
FlexRadioButton A Flex radio button control.
FlexSlider A Flex slider control.
FlexSpin A Flex spin control.
FlexStaticText A Flex static text control.
FlexTable A Flex data grid control.
FlexTabStrip A Flex tabstrip control.
FlexToggleButton A Flex toggle button control.
FlexTreeView A Flex tree-view control.
FlexWindow A Flex window control.