Java Environment


The objects, methods and properties described in this section can be used when testing Java objects.

Note: Java objects are supported in UFT One only when the UFT One Java Add-in is installed and loaded.

Supported Test Objects

Test Object Description
JavaApplet A Java applet.
JavaButton A Java button.
JavaCalendar A Java calendar.
JavaCheckBox A Java check box.
JavaDialog A Java dialog box.
JavaEdit A Java edit box.
JavaExpandBar A Java control that contains labeled bar items, which can be expanded or collapsed by the user.
JavaInternalFrame An internal frame that can be activated from the Java applet.
JavaLink A Java control that displays text with links.
JavaList A Java list box with single or multiple selection.
JavaMenu A Java menu item.
JavaObject A generic Java object.
JavaRadioButton A Java radio button.
JavaSlider A Java slider.
JavaSpin A Java spin object.
JavaStaticText A Java static text object.
JavaTab A Java tabstrip control containing tabbed panels.
JavaTable A Java table.
JavaToolbar A Java toolbar.

A Java tree.


A Java tree table.

JavaWindow A Java window.