SAPNWBCDesktop Toolkit Library


The objects, methods, and properties described inthis section can be used when testing SAPNWBC Desktop objects

Note: SAPNWBC Desktop objects are supported in UFT One only when the UFT One WPF and the SAP Add-ins are installed and loaded.

Supported Test Objects

Test Object Description
SAPNWBCOKCode An SAP OK Code box in a SAP NWBC desktop application.
SAPNWBCShellWindow A shell window control in SAP NWBC Desktop.

A tab strip control in SAP NWBC Desktop.

SAPNWBCToggleButton A toggle button control in SAP NWBC Desktop, which can be pressed to toggle between On (pressed) and Off (released) states.
SAPNWBCWindow A window control in SAP NWBC Desktop.