Download Help Center

The UFT Help Center provides you with comprehensive user assistance.

We recommend that you use the online version of the Help Center for the most recent updates available.

If your organization has restrictions that prevent you from using the online Help Center, switch to the local mode, and save the Help Center files locally on your UFT machine.

Access your local help by default

To download and configure UFT to access the local help by default:

  1. Download and extract the UFT-15.0-HELP.ZIP file to the <UFT installation folder>\help folder on your UFT machine.

  2. In UFT, open the Tools > Options dialog box, and select the Help pane.

  3. Select Access local Help.

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Welcome to the help center for UFT One, formerly known as Unified Functional Testing. UFT One is part of the new Micro Focus UFT family of integrated functional testing solutions.