SiebelOpenUI Toolkit Library


The objects, methods, and properties described in this section can be used when testing Siebel OpenUI objects.


Note: When selecting a method for Siebel OpenUI objects, the autocompletion list displays some of the object's internal methods. These methods should not be used in your tests.

Supported Test Objects

Test Object Description
SblOUIAdvancedEdit A Siebel Open UI Advanced Edit field.
SblOUIApplet A Siebel Open UI applet
SblOUICheckBox A checkbox object in a SiebelOpenUI application.
SblOUIComboBox A Siebel Open UI Advanced Edit Combo Box field.
SblOUIDropDownButton A Siebel Open UI button that opens a dropdown menu..
SblOUIMenu A Siebel Open UI application-level menu.
SblOUIObject A generic Siebel Open UI Object.
SblOUITable A Siebel Open UI Table.
SblOUITabStrip A Siebel Open UI tab strip control.
SblOUITree A Siebel Open UI tree control.