Parameterize input values

Relevant for: Keyword GUI components

This task describes how to parameterize input values for a step using a local parameter or a component parameter.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In the Keyword View, click the parameterization button for a selected value.

    • In the Checkpoint Properties Dialog Box, click the Parameter Options button .

    • In the Parameterization / Properties Dialog Box (Checkpoints), select the Parameter radio button. If a parameter is already defined, you must then click the Parameter Options button to open this dialog box.

  2. In the Parameter box, select one of the following:

    • Component parameter. Select the component parameter you want to use for the parameterized value. The names and full descriptions of the available component parameters are displayed as read-only:

    • Local parameter. The details for the local parameter type are displayed.

  3. Specify the property details for the local parameter:

    • Name. Enter a meaningful name (case-sensitive) for the parameter or choose one from the list.
    • Value. Enter an input value for the parameter.
    • Description. Enter a brief description for the parameter.

The local or component parameter is displayed in the Value cell of your step. When the component runs, it will use the value specified in the parameter for the step.