Mobile Add-in

UFT One's Mobile Add-in uses UFT Mobile to perform advanced mobile testing.

Connect to UFT Mobile from UFT to access available mobile devices. Then, use UFT One's Mobile Add-in to create and run functional tests for mobile apps on connected devices.

For basic mobile testing, UFT One supports testing on mobile devices connected directly to the UFT One computer. Install UFT Mobile Add-in for Local Device on the UFT One computer to connect UFT One to the local devices.

Description properties supported for mobile testing

When testing mobile devices with UFT One, only a subset of the description properties available for UFT One test objects are supported.

For details about supported properties, see the Description Properties topic in the UFT One Object Model Reference for each relevant Mobile or Web test object.

Basic mobile testing on local devices

UFT Mobile Add-in for Local Device is powered by UFT Mobile and supports mobile testing similarly.

Mobile testing on local devices provides the following functionality:

  • Spy on and learn mobile and web application objects, on one device at a time and one application at a time.
  • Create, record and run tests on mobile and web applications, one device at a time and one application at a time.
  • Authentication methods, such as fingerprint and Face ID simulation are supported.

The following functionality is not supported when testing on local mobile devices:

  • Simulation methods, such as QR code and barcode simulation, and photo and video simulation.
  • Network virtualization.
  • Service virtualization.
  • Parallel testing.

Note: The same functionality is supported/not supported when opening a mobile application from UFT One in a remote access window.

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