UFT One Tutorial

The UFT One tutorial teaches you the basics of testing your application with UFT One. Use it to understand how to create and run automated GUI and API tests, and analyze the run results.

Before you begin

We recommend working with the tutorial on your computer so that you can copy and paste code and values from the help center page into UFT One.

However, note that at some steps in the tutorial, UFT One will be recording your operations or learning objects in your application. At these times, remember to focus your cursor on your application window and not the tutorial.

Also note that the file system paths in the tutorials are relevant for working on Windows 10, and paths in other operating systems may differ. Change the paths in the steps as needed for your machine.

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Tutorial quick reference

This tutorial includes the following lessons:

Plan your test and create a solution Learn about the demo flight reservation application, and start by creating a UFT One solution.
Create and run GUI tests

Learn to create and run automated GUI tests using the demo flight reservation application.

Create and run API tests Learn how to create and run automated API tests on Web and REST services, and WADLs.
Test an API test together with a GUI test Learn how to combine your GUI and API tests into a single automation test.

When you're done, apply the skills you learned to test your own application.

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UFT One GUI web testing tutorial

The UFT One GUI web testing tutorial walks you through testing the AdvantageDEMO online shopping site, and shows you the basics of creating and running a web test.

For details, see GUI web testing tutorial.

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