Connect to Digital Lab or local mobile devices

This topic describes how to connect UFT One to your Digital Lab or to the Digital Lab Lite for Local Devices service.

UFT One version 2022 or earlier: Digital Lab is known as UFT Mobile, and Digital Lab Lite for Local Devices is known as UFT One Mobile Add-in for Local Device.

Define your Digital Lab pane details

  1. In UFT One, browse to following pane.

    UFT One version 2023:

    Select Tools > OptionsGUI Testing tab > Digital Lab node.

    UFT One version 2022 and earlier:

    Select Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Mobile node.

  2. Select whether to connect to ValueEdge Digital Lab, UFT Digital Lab (UFT Mobile), or to Digital Lab Lite (local device).

    • ValueEdge Digital Lab (UFT One 2023). Connects to a Digital Lab server on ValueEdge to support mobile testing and cloud browser testing capabilities.

    • UFT Digital Lab (UFT Mobile). Connects to a Digital Lab server to support mobile testing and cloud browser testing capabilities or a UFT Mobile server to support mobile testing capabilities.

    • Digital Lab Lite (local device). Uses the Digital Lab Lite for Local Devices to provide basic mobile testing on devices connected to the UFT One machine, one device at a time.

  3. Define your mobile connection.

    Expand one of the options below for details on defining the connection:

  4. Click Test Connection.

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Troubleshoot your connection

If your connection fails, try any of the following:

  • Check the connection details defined

  • Check the network connection

    • ValueEdge Digital Lab: Verify that the ValueEdge Digital Lab is available and accessible.

    • UFT Digital Lab (UFT Mobile): Verify that the UFT Digital Lab (UFT Mobile) is available and accessible, and that the port specified is available.

    • Digital Lab Lite for Local Devices: Make sure the Digital Lab Lite service is running, and that the specified port is available. (UFT One versions 2022 or earlier: the service name is Mobile Add-in).

  • If you are trying to connect to a specific UFT Digital Lab (UFT Mobile) project, verify that your project is configured correctly on a multi-project enabled server. For details, see the Digital Lab (UFT Mobile) Help.

Accessing your UFT Digital Lab (UFT Mobile) device connector

If your connection test succeeds, but you are still unable to show the remote access window with the device, check that the device connector is accessible.

If you have a proxy defined and are unable to access the device connector, define your proxy as follows instead:

  • UFT One Options dialog box. Select the Use proxy settings option, and select the System Proxy type.

  • Internet Options. Add the IP address of your device connector as an exception in your machine's Internet Options proxy settings (Connections > LAN settings > Proxy server > Advanced).

    For example:

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