Advanced Authentication Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to define login information, so that the Active Screen can access the resources on a site, where the automatic Active Screen login mechanism may not be sufficient.

To access

In the Web Pane (Test/Business Component Settings Dialog Box / Application Area - Additional Settings Pane), click Advanced.

Important information
  • After closing this dialog box, refresh the Active Screen by selecting a new step in the Keyword View or select View > Active Screen to re-display the Active Screen. Confirm that the pages are displayed correctly.

    If you still cannot view images or other resources on your Active Screen, you may not be connected to the Internet, the Web server may be down, or the source path that was captured with the Active Screen page may no longer be accurate.

  • When you log in using the Advanced Authentication mechanism, you remain logged in to the site for the duration of the UFT One session. If you close and reopen UFT One and then reopen your test, you must log in again.
  • If the site to which you log in has an inactivity timeout after which you are automatically logged out of the Web site, you may need to log in using the Advanced Authentication dialog box more than once while editing your test to re-enable access to your Active Screen pages.
See also

Access password-protected resources in the Active Screen

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element


<browser window>

The default Web page for the test, displayed according to the following guidelines:

  • The first time you open this dialog box for a given test, the browser window displays the URL address set for the test in the Web tab of the Record and Run Settings dialog box.
  • If you navigate to a new URL address using this dialog box, that address becomes the default Advanced Authentication page for this test.

Use this window to enter your login information, and after logging into your application, click Close. The login session remains open for the remainder of your UFT One session (or until the Web site's inactivity timeout is exceeded).


The URL address of the Web page. If the displayed Web page is not the correct page for logging in to your site, enter the correct URL address in the Address box and click Go.