Solution Manager Connection dialog box

This dialog box enables you to connect to or disconnect from Solution Manager at any time during the testing process.

Access this dialog box

To access the Solution Manager Connection dialog box:

  1. Make sure that the computer is connected to Solution Manager.
  2. Make sure that UFT One is open with the SAP Solutions Add-in loaded.
  3. Select Tools > SAP Solution Manager Connection.

Note: Do not disconnect UFT One from Solution Manager while UFT One still needs Solution Manager for items stored there.

These items might include GUI tests or shared resources, such as shared object repositories or data table files.

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User interface elements

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements Description
Server description

The Solution Manager server to which you want to connect.

The Server description box lists the servers available in the SAP Logon Pad or the SAP Logon dialog box.

To add a server to the list:

  1. Close the Solution Manager Connection dialog box.
  2. Define an appropriate entry using your SAP Logon dialog box.
  3. Reopen the Solution Manager Connection dialog box.

The user name used to log on to the specified server.


The password for the specified user name.


The client number.


The language that you want to use.

SNC enabled

The SNC name to use for the connection.

Select the check box to use SNC for this connection.


  • To connect via SNC, the following parameter values need to be defined on the server:

    SNC_Enabled=1, snc/accept_insecure_rfc=1, snc/only_encrypted_rfc=0.

  • Connecting via SNC is supported only for Solution Manager servers that require a user/password logon.

  • SNC encryption is not supported.

Reconnect on startup

Instructs UFT One to automatically reconnect to the Solution Manager server the next time you open UFT One.

Save password for reconnection on startup

Instructs UFT One to save your password for reconnection on startup.

If you select Reconnect on startup, but do not select this option, you are prompted to enter it each time UFT One opens.

Enabled only when Reconnect on startup is selected.


Connects UFT One to Solution Manager.

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