SAP > SAP Solution Manager Pane (Options Dialog Box > GUI Testing Tab)

This pane enables you to configure how UFT One behaves when you are connected to SAP Solution Manager.

To access
  1. Make sure that UFT One is open with the SAP Solutions Add-in loaded.
  2. Make sure that a GUI test is open.
  3. In UFT One, select Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > SAP > SAP Solution Manager node.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements Description
Run results

The location in which run results are stored when the test is run from Solution Manager.

This folder must be a mapped network drive or a path in Universal Naming Convention (UNC) format.

New test prefix

The prefix that is displayed by default in the Save GUI Test in Solution Manager dialog box.

New file prefix

The prefix that is displayed by default when specifying a file to store in Solution Manager.

Solution Manager test cache folder

The location in which a test from Solution Manager is temporarily stored when it is open for editing or running in UFT One.

Default location = %APPDATA%\Solution Manager

For example = C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Application Data\Solution Manager

RunCache and EditCache folders are automatically created under the specified folder.

Clear Cache

Deletes all files from the Solution Manager test cache folder.

Modify Trace Options

Opens the Solution Manager Trace Options Dialog Box, which enables you to configure if and how UFT One generates the UFT One–Solution Manager communication trace log (used for troubleshooting communication errors).