Open Run Results Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to open run results in the Run Results Viewer.

To access

Select File > Open or click the Open button .

Important information for UFT tests
  • To view results stored in ALM, you must first connect to your ALM project. For details, see Connect to ALM.
  • By default, results files for UFT One tests are stored together with the test, for example: C:%HOMEPATH%\My Documents\UFT One\<Test name>\<ResultName>

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Test name

The name of the test for which you want to view results. The test can be located in the file system or in an ALM project. If you select this option, you must also specify the Run name.

Run name

The results for a particular run.

The results are listed in the order of execution, with the most recent results at the top of the drop-down list.

Results XML file

The actual .xml results file. The file must be located in the file system.