Result Details Pane (Run Results Viewer)

This pane displays the details for an individual iteration, action, or step that is currently selected in the run results tree.

To access

Do the following:

  1. Select a node in the run results tree:

    • To open the Executive Summary page, select the topmost node in the tree.

    • To open the Result Details for a step, select the relevant node in the tree.

  2. Select the Result Details tab. (This assumes that the default layout is displayed.)

Important information

By default, when the Run Results Viewer opens after a run session, an Executive Summary is displayed in the Result Details pane. This summary displays run session information about the test or component. It also includes run Statistics and Notes (if any were included).

For any other node, the details in the Result Details pane are specific for the step selected in the run results tree. For example, the details may include input or output parameters, or may indicate that the session ran in Update Run Mode.

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