Manually submit defects to ALM

  1. Prerequisites

    Ensure that the ALM client is installed on your computer. (Enter the ALM Server URL in a browser and ensure that the Login screen is displayed.)

  2. Connect to an ALM project

    Select Tools > ALM Connection or click the ALM Connection button and connect to an ALM project. For details, see Connect to ALM.

    Note: If you are using the Run Results Viewer on a computer running Windows 10 or later or Windows Server 2016 or later, you must connect to ALM the first time with administrative privileges.

  3. Add a new defect

    1. Select Tools > Add Defect or click the Add Defect button to open the New Defect dialog box in the specified ALM project. The New Defect dialog box opens.

    2. Modify the defect details as necessary. Basic information on the test or component and any checkpoints (if applicable) is included in the description:

    Tip: You can attach movies (.fbr files) to defects in ALM. If you have the UFT Add-in for ALM installed, you can view the movies from ALM.

  4. Results

    The defect is added to the ALM project's defect database.