Jump to a step in a GUI test from the run results

You can view the step in UFT One that corresponds to a node in the Run Results tree for any node that has a corresponding step in a GUI test.

Note: This feature is disabled for:

  • Any testing document other than a GUI test.

  • The Action, Iteration, and Test Summary nodes.

  • Any step that is part of an action that was run using the LoadAndRunAction statement.

  • Any step performed by a recovery scenario.

  • Tests that were run in Fast mode.

  • Any step run from the Watch or Console debug panes in UFT One.

  1. Make sure that UFT One is open to the test whose results are displayed in the Run Results Viewer.

  2. Select a node in the run results tree.

  3. Perform one of the following:

    1. Click the Jump to Step in Test button from the Run Results toolbar.

    2. Right-click and select Jump to Step in Test from the context menu.

    3. Select View >Jump to Step in Test.

  4. The UFT One window is activated and the step is highlighted.