Data Sources Tab (Properties Pane - API Testing)

Relevant for: API testing only

This tab enables you to set the data navigation instructions for the data sources associated with your test flow.

To access
  1. Open the Properties pane.

  2. Select the Test Flow in the canvas.

  3. In the Properties Pane, select the Data Sources tab .

Important information You can have more data sources associated with a test in the Data Pane than are associated with a particular test flow.
Relevant tasks

Navigate within a data source

The Data Sources tab's user interface elements are described below.

UI Element

Data Navigation Policies

A list of the data sources sorted by:

  • Data Source Name. The name of the data source as it appears in the Data Pane.

  • Policy. A summary of the data navigation policy, for example: Start at first row, forward one row, wrap around.


Opens the Attach Data Source to Loop Dialog Box for selecting data sources from the Data Pane.

In order to add a define navigation properties for a Data Source, you must associate it with your test in the Data pane. For details, see Add data sources to an API test.


Opens the Data Navigation Dialog Box for setting the data policy—the way to use the data from the table.


Deletes the selected data source from the list—not from the Data Pane.