XML Body Tab (Properties Pane - API Testing)

Relevant for: API testing only

This tab enables you to configure the response XML data for a SOAP Request step.

To access
  1. Open the Properties pane.

  2. Select a Web Service step in the canvas.

  3. In the Properties Pane, select the XML Body tab .

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets).

UI Elements



Shows a grid view of the schema.


Opens an editable text view for the schema.


Text view only—reverts back to the last version of the schema since you last opened the Text view.

Syntax error. Data at the root level is invalid. Move the mouse over the icon to see the error's line number (Text view only).

Syntax warning. A warning indicating a problem in the entered text, for example, if the specified element is not in the namespace. For details, move the mouse over the icon (Text view only).

Import Schema

Imports an .xsd file representing the schema, for both Input properties and checkpoints.

Load XML

Loads an .xml file containing values for the schema, for both Input properties and checkpoints.

Deletes the contents that you entered for the schema. This affects both the Grid and Text views.

Input pane

A grid or text representation of the schema's request header and body.

Checkpoints pane - XML view

A grid representation of the response's schema. In this section you can enter the expected response values.

  • Import Schema. Imports a schema for the XML response.

  • Load XML. Loads an XML file with the expected response values.

  • Clear. Deletes the contents of the schema.

XPath Checkpoints pane

A list of XPath expressions used to evaluate the XML response.

  • Adds a line for a new XPath expression.

  • Removes the selected XPath expression.

Ignore namespaces: Ignores namespaces in the XPath validation, allowing you to use simple XPath expressions. For details, see Set XPath checkpoints.

Note: To retrieve an XPath expression, use the right-click menu options in the Grid view.