ValueEdge integration

UFT One integrates with the ValueEdge Quality Management module. This module incorporates tests and results from various sources into the overall product and release data, providing a comprehensive picture of your release quality and progress.

You can incorporate UFT One test results into ValueEdge in the following ways:

  • Use the Quality Management > Pipelines sub-module in ValueEdge and integrate with your CI server.

    ValueEdge receives testing tool test run results from the pipeline runs.

  • Set up UFT One integration without pipelines using the Quality Management > Quality sub-module.

    ValueEdge discovers UFT One tests and data tables stored in Git or SVN, enabling you to run the tests in ValueEdge test suites.

  • Incorporate automated test results into ValueEdge without using a CI server.

    Store your automated test results in a valid XML format, and use a Test Results Collection tool to set results to ValueEdge from ALM or simply from your file system.

For details, see the ValueEdge Help Center.