Use the AI Object-Detection Cloud Service

Configure UFT One to use the AI Object-Detection (AIOD) Cloud Service instead of the local or remote AIOD service. This provides a faster and more efficient testing experience.

Note: This feature is available in UFT One versions 2022 and later as a Technical Preview upon request. It is not available in UFT One out of the box. To learn more, contact your account team and send an email to


The AIOD Cloud Service supports UFT One's AI Features using SaaS resources. Some advantages to this approach are: 

No need for a powerful local or remote computer

With the AIOD Cloud Service, you do not need to prepare a powerful computer for running the AI Object-Detection service.

Less use of local resources

The AIOD Cloud Service uses pre-built infrastructure on the cloud and does not utilize your local resources. Therefore, more resources are available for UFT One to consume, and improves performance.

The AIOD Cloud Service stores object detection data on the cloud, saving space on your local computer.

AIOD service is always current

Using the AIOD Cloud Service, you benefit from any updates or enhancements as soon as they are available, without waiting for UFT One upgrades.

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Before you use the AIOD Cloud Service, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • UFT One's AI Features are installed and enabled. For details, see Prerequisites.

  • You have obtained the access key required for connecting UFT One to the AIOD Cloud Service.

    UFT One uses an access key for authentication when connecting to the AIOD Cloud Service. An access key includes a client ID, a secret, a tenant, and a URL.

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Connect UFT One to the AIOD Cloud Service

To connect UFT One to the AIOD Cloud Service, configure the connection information in the Tools > Options pane. For details, see Configure the AIOD Cloud Service connection.

Once the connection is successful, UFT One will use the AIOD Cloud Service for AI Features.

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