UFT One and continuous integration

Relevant for: GUI testing and API testing

As more software companies utilize continuous integration practices, you may also need to integrate functional tests into your testing process. This integration helps developers ensure that new builds did not introduce regressions.

The Application Automation Tools plug-ins provide mechanisms for executing UFT One tests as part of a build script. This open source plugin allows you to trigger a UFT test as a build step and present the results in the continuous integration tool user interface.

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Integrate UFT One into your CI-CD pipeline without Application Automation Tools plug-ins.

Use the Micro Focus UFT One CI Utilities to run multiple types of tests easily on your CI-CD server using CLI commands. You can view test execution status in runtime and convert HTML test reports into JUnit XML format. For details, see Micro Focus UFT One CI Utilities on GitHub (select the readme file for the latest release).