Select Service from UDDI Dialog Box

Relevant for: API testing only

This dialog box enables you to select and import WSDLs from a UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) server.

To access
  1. Do one of the following:

    • Ensure that an API test or component is in focus in the document pane.
    • In the Solution Explorer, select an API test or component.
  2. Select Import WSDL > Import WSDL from URL or UDDI.
  3. Select Import from: UDDI.
  4. Click the button.
Relevant tasks

Import a WSDL-based Web service

See also

Import/Update WSDL/WADL/Swagger Service from URL or UDDI Dialog Box

The following elements are included (unlabeled UI elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements


UDDI Address

The name or IP address of the UDDI server inquiry API.


The UDDI version.

<list of services>

A list of the services that match the filter criteria. The grid shows the following information:

  • Service Name
  • Description
  • Service Contract
  • Service ID
Service Name

A string in the WSDL name by which to filter the list.


Retrieves the list of services that match the string in the Service name field. If no string is specified, it retrieves all available services.