App description properties

Object description properties can be used in the object repository description, in programmatic descriptions, in checkpoint and output value steps, and as argument values for the GetTOProperty and GetROProperty methods.

Note: To change descriptions of Mobile test objects created in UFT One 12.02 Patch 1 (Mobile Center 1.01) or earlier, first update the test object in the object repository.

The App test object supports the description properties listed in the table below.

Property Name


ClassThe test object class name used by Digital Lab (UFT Mobile) to identify objects, such as button or table.

The app upload number.

0 = Latest upload.


The app identifier string.

Required for descriptive programming.


The app type, packaged or non-packaged.

Required for descriptive programming.

nameThe name of the mobile app.
typeThe app's mobile OS.
versionThe app version.

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