Known Issues - Microsoft Edge

This topic describes known issues when using UFT One to test web applications running in the Microsoft Edge Legacy browser.

For known issues when working with Microsoft Chromium-based Edge, see Known Issues - Google Chrome, Microsoft Chromium-based Edge, and Apple Safari.


  • You must open the Edge browser session using the Edge Agent for UFT. UFT One cannot spy, record, or run tests on an existing Edge browser session.

    You can start the Edge Agent for UFT from one of the following locations:

    • The desktop shortcut

    • Start -> All apps -> Micro Focus -> Edge Agent for UFT

    • In the Record and Run Settings dialog box, select Edge as the Browser type

    If these methods fail to launch the browser, try the recommendations in this Microsoft article: Microsoft edge can't be opened using the built-in administrator account.

  • If you are using the Microsoft Edge insider version, you must have insider version 10576 or later. However, due to changes in the Web Driver insider build by Microsoft, later versions may not work with UFT.

  • Each step performed by Edge has a short delay due to the Edge Agent's injection of Javascript in the browser.

  • All Web 2.0 toolkits (ASP .NET AJAX, Dojo, Ext-JS, GWT, jQueryUI, SiebelOpenUI, and YahooUI), are not supported when using Edge versions 10576 and earlier.

  • The Ext-JS, SiebelOpenUI, and YahooUI are not supported on any Edge versions.

  • If you open a tab in an Edge browser with the Edge Agent for Functional Testing, you should perform at least one action in the browser to enable UFT One to use the necessary mechanism to communicate with this tab. 

  • When identifying objects in an application or running test using multiple tabs in an Edge browser, the focus may unexpectedly switch between tabs in the browser window. This does not affect your test run or object identification.

  • Multiple Edge browser windows are not supported.

  • The Web > Advanced settings in the Options dialog box (Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Web > Advanced node)are not supported.

  • For details about versions supported for replay, see Recording.

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Object identification

  • If you open multiple tabs on an Edge browser, then manually close a tab, UFT One will experience unexpected behavior when attempting to spy on the remaining tabs.

    Workaround: Open only one tab at a time when using Edge with UFT One or open/close tabs using UFT One test object methods.

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Test objects, methods, and properties

  • The following test objects, methods, and other Web-specific functionalities are not supported:

    • Browser About:* pages

    • Browser.ClearCache

    • Browser.DeleteCookies

    • Browser.FullScreen

    • Browser.Home

    • Browser.IsSiblingTab

    • Browser.Object

    • Browser.Stop

    • ViewLink objects

    • WebFile objects

    • WebAgGrid and WebUIGrid objects

  • Web Accessibility toolkit objects (WebMenu, WebTabStrip, and WebTree, and objects created with the "role=" property

  • The following test objects are not supported when using Windows 10 versions earlier than 10576:

    • Frame and Frameset objects

    • Dialog objects

  • The following SAPUITable methods may result in error if the object was added by spying or recording on Edge, in the same instance. In such cases, restart your browser to run your test successfully:

    • DeselectRow
    • FindRowByCellContent
    • GetCellDataEx

    • MoveColumn
    • SelectRow

    • SetCellData

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  • Record and replay on Edge is supported as follows, depending on the Windows 10 version:

      10585 and lower 10586 and higher
    Recording on a single tab No Yes
    Recording on multiple tabs No No
    Replay on a single tab Yes Yes
    Replay on multiple tabs No Yes
  • The following objects and methods are not recorded on Edge:

    • Web 2.0 controls

    • Browser.OpenNewTab

    • Browser.Close

    • Browser.CloseAllTabs

    • Frame objects

    • Pop-up dialog boxes

    • Navigation operations are sometimes not recorded.

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Active Screen

The Active Screen is not supported on Edge browsers.

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