Enable the Micro Focus UFT Agent extension on Chromium Edge

UFT One communicates with the Micro Focus UFT Agent Chromium Edge Extension to test Web applications running in Microsoft Chromium Edge. This topic describes how to install and enable the extension in your Chromium Edge browser.

Note: For the most up-to-date list of supported versions of Microsoft Chromium Edge, see the UFT One Support Matrix.


Your browser policy must allow you to install browser extensions. Otherwise, see Google Chrome and Microsoft Chromium Edge.

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Automatic agent installation

If you have an active Internet connection, the Micro Focus UFT Agent is automatically downloaded and installed the first time you open Chromium Edge after installing UFT One.

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Manually install the agent

If you do not have an active Internet connection, manually install the Micro Focus UFT Agent extension on Chromium Edge: 

  1. In Microsoft Chromium Edge, select Tools > Extensions to open the edge://extensions page.
  2. In the Extensions page, select the Developer mode option. Additional options are displayed after you select this option.
  3. Click the Load unpacked button.
  4. In the Browse for Folder dialog, browse to and select the <UFT One installation folder>\Installations\Edge\Extension folder.
  5. The Micro Focus UFT Agent is now displayed in the Edge extensions list.

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