Accessing UFT One in Windows 8.X or Higher Operating Systems

By default, you can access UFT One directly from the Start or Apps Screen in Windows 8.x or higher.

In addition, you can add UFT One tools and files that were accessible from the Start menu in previous versions of Windows to the Start screen, including:

  • Applications (.exe files). For example:

    • The Run Results Viewer

    • All UFT One tools, such as the Password Encoder and the License Validation Utility

    • The API testing sample Flight applications

  • Non-program files. You can access documentation and the link to a demo website from the Apps screen.

Note: By default, the Start and Apps screens on Windows 8.x or higher are set to open Internet Explorer in Metro Mode. However, if User Account Control is turned off on your computer, Windows 8 will not open Internet Explorer in Metro mode. Therefore, if you try to open an HTML shortcut from the Start or Apps screen, such as the UFT One Help or Readme file, an error will be displayed.

To solve this, you can change the default behavior of Internet Explorer so that it never opens in Metro mode. In the Internet Properties dialog box > Programs tab, select Always in Internet Explorer on the desktop for the Choose how you open links option. For more details, see and