Known Issues - Data tables

Relevant for: GUI tests and GUI scripted components

This section describes limitations for working with data tables.

Data and GUI tests and components

If you parameterize a value that is defined as a variant value, then when retrieving the value from the Data pane, UFT One retrieves it as a string. This occurs even if you enter a numeric value in the Data pane.

Example: If you parameterize the argument of a step such as: WpfWindow("MyWindow").WpfComboBox("cb").Select 1 and you enter the value 1 in the Data pane, then when the step runs, it retrieves the value as a string: "1", and the step fails.

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Data sheet names shortened automatically

Excel sheet naming conventions prohibit the use of sheet names that exceed 31 characters or contain [ ] characters.

Therefore, when opening data tables created in a version earlier than 15.0, sheet names are modified if they do not match these conventions.

Most sheet references automatically refer to the new names. However, you may need to re-record or manually update sheet names in steps that explicitly refer to the old names, such as: DataTable.Value, DataTable.GetSheet, and SAPGUITable.Input.

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Selecting data table content

  • You can select multiple cells in the data sheet. However, you cannot select the parameter name in the first row and additional table cells at the same time.

  • Selecting multiple sheets in the data table using CTRL is no longer supported.

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Entering data from an autofill list

Entering autofill values by pressing ENTER or TAB after typing the first value in a cell is no longer supported.

See To populate your data table with values from an autofill list.

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