What's New in UFT One 12.54

Mobile testing enhancements

UFT One now supports:

  • Improved testing for native mobile browsers

  • Running BPT tests of Mobile Web applications

  • Test non-packaged hybrid applications

  • Additional options for device and application behavior on tests with iterations

For details, see the Mobile Center 2.01 What's New and the UFT Mobile help.

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Test editing improvements

You can now drag a test object from the Object Spy directly into a test and add it into the object repository.

For details, see Use the Object Spy.

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SAP Business Networks Support

UFT One now supports SAP Business Networks applications running with the new SAPWebExt toolkit.

For details, see Web-based SAP support and the SAPWebExt section in UFT One Object Model Reference.

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Web testing enhancements

UFT One now supports:

BPT cross browser testing UFT One's existing cross-browser support is now available for BPT tests. For details, see Test Web apps on multiple browsers.


UFT One supports testing Web applications and Web application objects running inside a WebView object in a JavaFX application.

This feature requires you to install both Web and Java Add-ins.

Objects and methods

A new Browser.Quit method improves multiple browser testing.

For details, see the Browser object documentation in the Web section of the UFT One Object Model Reference for GUI Testing.

Web accessibility

UFT One has added new supported roles for the "role=" property in Web applications.

For more details, see Object recognition with the Web Accessibility toolkit.

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Edge updates

UFT One has changed the way that the Microsoft WebDriver program (required for the Functional Testing Agent for Edge) is used.

For details on the required steps to perform, see Use the Edge Agent for UFT.

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Support for running Web tests on PhantomJS

Now you can run tests of your Web applications using the PhantomJS toolkit.

Note: Recording and other test object-related functionalities (Spy, Highlight, etc.) are not supported for PhantomJS.

For more details, see Embedded frameworks / headless browsers.

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UI Automation enhancements

  • UFT One's UI Automation support now includes Maintenance Run Mode. For details, see Maintenance Run mode.

  • Now you can use or clear the timeout period when running a test to improve test performance. Do this on this on the Advanced Windows Applications pane of the Options dialog box.

  • Now you can select items from a menu object using the menu item index as well as the menu item names. For details, see the UIAMenu object and method documentation in the UI Automation section of the UFT Object Model Reference.

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ALM integration enhancements

You no longer need administrative privileges to interact with, connect to, or run tests saved on ALM versions 12.53 p1 and higher when UAC is enabled.

For more details, see Application Lifecycle Management

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API testing enhancements

Now you can use a JKS security certificate when running a test of your Web services in addition to other certificate types, such as X509 and Kerberos.

For more details, see Web Service Security .

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BPT testing enhancements

We've improved the BPT Test Combinations Generator with overall enhancements of the combinations generation algorithm, stability and ease of use.

For more details, see Generate data to drive your test.

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Demo license period extension

The demo license period is now 60 days instead of the previous 30!

For more details, see UFT One licensing.

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New technology and framework support

This version of UFT One includes the following new supported technologies and frameworks.

  • The latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. For more details, see the Unified Functional Testing Product Availability Matrix.

  • .NET Framework 4.6.1

  • Service Virtualization 3.82

  • VMWare ESXi 6.0

  • AutoPass License Server 9.2.1

  • Oracle Forms 12c

  • QT 4.8 64-bit applications

  • SAPUI5 1.34

  • SAP Ariba

  • SAP WebDynpro ABAP 7.4 and 7.5

  • SAP Netweaver 7.4/7.5

  • Solution Manager 7.2

  • Terminal Emulators: Attachmate Extra 9.3 SP1 Update 1, Hummingbird 15.00, IBM Personal Communications v. 12.0, Reflection Desktop 16.0, Rumba 9.4 Terminal Emulator

  • Support for Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015 in the WPF and .NET Extensibililty packages

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