Device description properties

The Device test object supports the description properties listed in the table below.

Object description properties can be used in the object repository description, in programmatic descriptions, in checkpoint and output value steps, and as argument values for the GetTOProperty and GetROProperty methods.

Using the GetROProperty and CheckProperty methods, you can retrieve and/or check only the values of the following properties in the application during a run session. You can also use these properties with the WaitProperty, Check, and Output methods.

Note: To change descriptions of Mobile test objects created in UFT One 12.02 Patch 1 (Mobile Center 1.01) or earlier, first update the test object in the object repository.

Property Name


extraAppsThe applications to use for the test run (when multiple applications are selected in the test's Record and Run settings).

Requires UFT Mobile 3.4 or later.

The fleet type of the device. Relevant only if the source property's value is AWS.

Possbile values:

  • public. A public device stored on an AWS device farm.
  • private A private device stored on an AWS device farm.
  • any (Default) A private or public device on an AWS device farm.

The unique device ID that identifies the device.

When learning a Device object, UFT One creates a test object without this property to avoid binding the test object to a specific device.

If you plan to test multiple devices in the same test, make sure to add the id property to the list of mandatory properties. This ensures that when UFT One learns the objects, it adds the objects under the correct Device test object in the object repository.

By default, during a run session, UFT One uses the device ID of the device specified in the Mobile Record and Run settings for the test. If the Device test object contains an ID description property, UFT One uses the identified device instead.

You can also add this property to the test object description manually, in which case, UFT One uses the device specified in the test object.

manufacturerThe manufacturer of the device.
modelThe model name of the device.
ostypeThe operating system currently running on the device.
osversionThe operating system version currently running on the device.

The location of the device.

Possible values:

  • UFTM. The device is stored on UFT Mobile

    Note: The value MC is supported as well, for backward compatibility.

  • AWS. The device is stored on an Amazon device farm

  • Any. The device is stored either in UFT Mobile or an Amazon device farm.

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