Download Help Center

The UFT One Help Center provides you with comprehensive user assistance.

We recommend that you use the online version of the Help Center for the most recent updates available.

If your organization has restrictions that prevent you from using the online Help Center, switch to the local mode, and save the Help Center files locally on your UFT One machine.

Access your local help by default

To download and configure UFT One to access the local help by default:

  1. Download and extract the UFT One Help .ZIP file to the <UFT One installation folder>\help folder on your UFT One machine.

    Note: This zip file includes documentation for UFT One versions 23.4 and 24.2. Any version specific changes are indicated where relevant.

  2. In UFT One, open the Tools > Options dialog box, select the Help pane, and select Access local Help. In this way, when you open the Help from UFT One, it opens the local help.

UFT One references

Several of the UFT One references are not version dependent and are extracted to the <UFT One installation folder>\help\References folder.

These references are not linked from the UFT One help and need to be opened manually. To access these references in the extracted help, open the htm file (usually Default.htm) in the root of the relevant subfolder.

Reference guide name Access the help in this subfolder
UFT One Automation Object Model Reference AutomationObjectModel
UFT Code Samples Plus Help CodeSamplesPlus_Help
UFT Object Repository Schema Reference ObjRepSchema
UFT Object Repository Reference Guide ObjRepUtil
UFT One VBScript Reference VBScript
UFT Run Results Schema Reference XMLReport
Extensibility Add-in References: Delphi, Extensibility Accelerator, Java, .NET, Testing Extensibility, Web, and WPF/Silverlight Extensibility\<technology_Ext>

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