Enable the OpenText UFT Agent extension on Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)

UFT One communicates with the OpenText UFT Agent Chromium Edge Extension to test Web applications running in Microsoft Chromium Edge. This topic describes how to install and enable the extension in your Chromium Edge browser.

Note: If you are using Microsoft Edge 79 or later, this is the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, which replaced the HTML-based Microsoft Edge Legacy. For the most up-to-date list of supported versions of Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, see the UFT One Support Matrix.


Your browser policy must allow you to install the OpenText UFT Agent Chromium Edge Extension. Otherwise, see Enable extension installation in your browser policy.

To test applications in IE mode on Windows 11, the group policy settings for Internet Explorer on your computer must allow enabling the OpenText UFT Agent Internet Explorer extension. For details on modifying these group policy settings, see the Microsoft documentation.

Skip the steps for getting the extension class ID. The class ID for the OpenText UFT Agent Internet Explorer extension is {474264BC-9571-47C1-85B9-780F756DC9CE}.

Caution: Make sure that your company's security policies permit you to make this change.

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Automatic extension installation

The version of the OpenText UFT Agent extension installed on your browser must match the version of UFT One you are using.

If the conditions below are met, installing or upgrading UFT One will automatically install or update your OpenText UFT Agent extension. Otherwise, install the extension manually.

Conditions for the OpenText UFT Agent extension to be installed and updated automatically:

  • You have an active Internet connection.

  • When you installed UFT One, you selected Set Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox options. Alternatively, you manually enabled extension installation in your browser policy.

  • You are using Chromium Edge version 95 or later.

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Manually install the extension

Manually install the OpenText UFT Agent extension as described below:

Chromium Edge version 95 and later Active Internet connection

Install the extension from the OpenText UFT Agent extension 2023 on Chromium Edge.

Inactive Internet connection

Install the extension manually from the UFT One installation folder.

  1. In Microsoft Chromium Edge, select Tools > Extensions to open the edge://extensions page.
  2. In the Extensions page, select the Developer mode option. Additional options are displayed after you select this option.
  3. Click the Load unpacked button.
  4. In the Browse for Folder dialog, browse to and select the <UFT One installation folder>\Installations\Edge\v3 folder.

    The OpenText UFT Agent is now displayed in the Edge extensions list.

Chromium Edge version 94 and earlier

Install the extension manually from the UFT One installation folder.

Follow the instructions for Inactive Internet connection, but use the extension from this folder: 

<UFT One installation folder>\Installations\Edge\v2

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Enable UFT One to test local HTML pages in Microsoft Chromium Edge

By default, the ability to run extensions on local HTML files is disabled in Microsoft Chromium Edge.

To allow the OpenText UFT Agent to run on local HTML files:

  1. In Microsoft Chromium Edge, browse to the following URL: edge://extensions

  2. Locate the OpenText UFT Agent for Microsoft Chromium Edge.

  3. Click Details to view the detailed information about the extension.

    Select Allow access to file URLs. Your selection is automatically saved.

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