Run UFT One tests in a Bamboo server build

Add UFT One tests to a Bamboo server build process by adding them as build tasks from the build job. Before you start you must have a build project, plan, and job already created.

Security precaution

Although any sensitive information is encrypted and encoded, OpenText encourages you to routinely remove unnecessary configuration files generated by your Bamboo jobs, which are not removed by the OpenText Bamboo CI plugin.

These are the files located in the <Bamboo home directory>\xml-data\build-dir\<job name> folders.

By not implementing the file removal you may expose your system to increased security risks. You understand and agree to assume all associated risks and hold OpenText harmless for the same.

It remains at all times the Customer’s sole responsibility to assess its own regulatory and business requirements. OpenText does not represent or warrant that its products comply with any specific legal or regulatory standards applicable to Customer in conducting Customer's business.

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