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Unified Functional Testing Automation

Import Method


Imports the specified Microsoft Excel file to the design-time or run-time data table.


The imported table must match the test. The column names must match the parameters in the test, and the sheet names must match the action names.

If you import an Excel table containing combo box or list cells, conditional formatting, or other special cell formats, the formats are not imported and the cell is displayed in the data table with a fixed value.

For details on importing data tables to components and Business Process Tests, see the topic on importing and exporting data sheets in the UFT User Guide.


DataTable.Import FileName




The full or relative path of the Excel table to import. It can be a file system or ALM path.


The imported table replaces all data in the existing design-time or run-time data table (including all data sheets).

The following example uses the Import method to import the flights.xls table to the design-time or run-time data table.

DataTable.Import ("C:\flights.xls")

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